The Proven Shopify Marketing Process ANY Shopify Store Owner Can Use To Improve Traffic & Conversions

Whether you’re an established storeowner or starting completely from scratch, without so much as a website or mailing list, Ecommerce Bootcamp is the insider’s guide you need to succeed.

When you got your first 9–5 job, making money for someone else, you could rest easy knowing that when you went to work, you’d receive training on how to do your job. A supervisor would both give you guidance and hold you accountable. But you hated having a boss and knew you could do better out on your own. So one day you quit your job and started your Shopify store.

And that’s when you discovered the terrible truth— the hardest part about starting a Shopify store isn’t finding vendors, incorporating a business, or even setting up a complicated website. It’s getting traffic, making sales, and growing your revenue and profits month-over-month.

It's Not Your Fault!

Here's an uncomfortable truth: Most Shopify stores will fail within five years.

Not because they have a conversion problem...
Not because they didn't dial in their SEO...
Not because they chose the wrong theme...
But because they never really nail how to market their products.

The bottom line is this: every one of these problems, from not having the whole strategy, to chasing dead-in-the-water tactics, to refusing to implement unethical practices - not one of them is your fault.

Remember why you quit your safe 9–5 job in the first place?

It was probably to:

And then the reality set in: You got your store perfect, turned off the storefront password, and… crickets. Months later and you probably still struggle to get a meager 150 visitors per day, all while not knowing when your next payday may come around. And that sucks.

But it doesn't have to be that way. That dream you had is real. You know it because you see other successful store owners and think, “Oh, they’re lucky.” Wrong. There is zero difference in luck between you and them. The difference is what they know that you don’t.

They know the difference between just “getting traffic” and using marketing to make your Shopify store part of a money-generating machine that works for you.

So that dream you want? It’s real, and it's closer than you think...

You Can Get the WHOLE Puzzle, With a Strategy That Is EFFECTIVE and TIMELESS

Ecommerce Bootcamp has all you need to know about marketing a successful high-profit Shopify store that fits the life you want.

Whether you’re just starting out as a bootstrapped entrepreneur, planning a Kickstarter campaign, or even already making four figures online monthly, Ecommerce Bootcamp has what you need to know to market and grow a successful Shopify store month-over-month. Two top Shopify-rated Shopify Experts, who have developed six-figure & seven-figure online stores in the last five years, share the lessons they learned and what you need to know to succeed.

Take a moment and ask yourself: What would you do with 10%, 20% or even 50% more money than you’re currently making? Now look through this list of topics included in Ecommerce Bootcamp to help you make that dream a reality.

This step-by-step guide to daily profits teaches:

  1. The secret to creating customer relationships
  2. Why you shouldn’t try to sell to people
  3. Why you shouldn’t sell to everybody
  4. How to find your niche & target markets
  5. The importance and use of fool-proof positioning
  6. Three secrets that make conversion optimization easy
  7. How to generate multiple traffic sources
  8. And then grow an audience from that source
  9. How to maximize ROI through smart remarketing
  10. Why your customers don’t buy and what to do about it
  11. Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty automatically
  12. How to turn customers into evangelists
  13. The dummy-proof trick to dialing-in on-site SEO
  14. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to maximize customer sales and make more money

Everything you need to successfully market your Shopify store...

Whether you’re looking to level up your existing Shopify store, or quit your job tomorrow, Ecommerce Bootcamp is the shortcut to success, because it’s based on the real-life successes of entrepreneurial Shopify store owners just like you. Already being touted as one of the great primers on ecommerce marketing, Ecommerce Bootcamp walks readers through a successful sales funnel process and navigates the marketing landscape in plain English.

Shopify Monthly Revenue Growth Chart
Screenshot from a client’s Shopify store.

“But why should I listen to you guys?”

Paul Reda
Paul Reda
Kurt Elster
Kurt Elster

Good question. Because we’re Shopify Experts. That’s been our full-time job for years now. We own an agency called Ethercycle that exclusively works with Shopify stores.

In fact, our firm was tapped to be one of the first in the Shopify Experts program. After knocking out a custom theme for a local client, we were personally invited by Shopify Partners Program Lead and Head of Shopify Experts Dan Eveleigh to join the program in 2011.

Of course, we said yes, and loved it so much that in 2014, we decided to niche down exclusively on Shopify, bowing out of all non-Shopify projects. Since then, we’ve been writing about Shopify, talking about Shopify, and teaching about Shopify. Hell, we run the single most popular Shopify podcast by far, and we didn’t even start it that long ago.

Ultimately, our goal is to build a business that supports the life we want. A life that lets us enjoy time with family. Like you, we’re running a small business by choice. We treat our time as a scarce resource and are choosing to invest it in helping others also build businesses for the lives they want too.

“That sounds great, but can I do this?”

I want to share our strategies with you because none of it is that onerous or even secret— it’s just a matter of applying it in the right way. Nothing I’m going to suggest is expensive, in fact, you could make the strategies we describe in this manual work for less than $500/month including ad campaign costs.

I know you’re excited, but don’t buy your yacht just yet, because you do need to do some work first. Ecommerce Bootcamp isn’t some sleazy internet marketer’s “MAKE MONEY NOW!” fever dream— That’s not what this manual is about teaching. Ecommerce Bootcamp is about honest, no bullshit, practical advice designed to make you money.

The things you learn here will take some time to implement, and perhaps even more time to see results. Think of it as a garden— it’s going to take some initial hard labor and weeks or months of tending to before you can reap your harvest. Marketing is an investment in your business and investments take time to mature.

You’re going to need to be brutally honest with yourself. Two kinds of people will read this manual: those that can accept our roadmap as part of the business building process, and those that push back, pay zero attention to our expertise and insist on pressing forward with their uninformed plan. You can almost hear them say “How dare you speak to me this way, I'm A Businessman!” (Guess which side we hope you’re on.)

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We want your investment in Ecommerce Bootcamp to give you more value than you could ever imagine. So we’ve put together a collection of bonuses (Included in the ‘Complete’ and ‘Strategy’ packages) to help you build a better Shopify business.

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A Message from Host Kurt Elster

Praise for Ecommerce Bootcamp:

Tommy Tartaglis
I gotta thank you, the advice you gave us for our Facebook ads assisted us with 10x-12x ROI and actually forced us to jump into the next level. Your Bootcamp helped us professionalize our business. Between you, Shopify, and some grinding we've gone from a startup to a six figure annual revenue company. Can't wait for next year. Tommy Tartaglis,
Michael DiMartini
Throughout our time working with Kurt, Paul and their team of experts we have seen an increase of five times our revenue growth. Utilizing their resources and advice, we have a much higher rate of conversion and our web traffic has skyrocketed. This can easily be attributed to the lessons in this manual for any ecommerce professional, web developer, or really any business owner using the Internet as a form of advertising. We have worked closely with the Ecommerce Bootcamp team to develop a long lasting change to our online presence. Consider us their biggest fan due to the results that keep increasing our revenues and making our customers happier. Take it from an experienced ecommerce seller that this plan will work for you. Michael DiMartini, Click to tweet
Spencer Bean
After finishing my first read-through, the biggest take-away for me was further segmenting my Facebook Custom Audiences, and specifically targeting people who have abandoned their cart. Because Shopify provides unique links to abandoned cart recovery, I had written off this kind of advertising as less than ideal since I couldn't send them directly to their abandoned cart. But if they cookies enabled enough to let me segment them, sending them back to my Shopify store at the generic /cart URL would take them to their cart, too. Duh. I'm going to start running some ads this week based on that. I'd recommend Ecommerce Bootcamp to folks who are hustling to get their own ecommerce businesses up and running. Spencer Bean,
Keith Lobo
The ideas in Ecommerce Bootcamp have already doubled our website traffic. (As we have many mid century items in our store and don't ship, we're already seeing increased traffic in our physical store too.) The Ecommerce Bootcamp program / system works. As a business owner you may have to tweak for what is relevant and what you can afford at the time. But it 100% works! Keith Lobo,
Gavin Ballard
As an experienced Shopify Expert, I’ve seen plenty of ‘advice’ for store owners out there that’s vague and hard to put into practice. Reading through even the early drafts of Ecommerce Bootcamp, I could tell that it was the complete opposite. It’s filled with solid, actionable advice for Shopify store owners that’s based on real experience. Rightfully breezing past the superficial aspects of SEO and social media that trip up so many, Ecommerce Bootcamp gets to the real meat of running a successful business online: building a sales funnel that turns visitors into customers and customers into evangelists. It’s the perfect companion for anyone looking to level up their revenue. Gavin Ballard, Author of Mastering Shopify Themes & Mastering Shopify Apps Click to tweet
Kai Davis
If you own or manage a Shopify store, you owe it to yourself to invest in Ecommerce Bootcamp. Loaded with actionable advice to help you grow your business, Ecommerce Bootcamp is perfect for any store owner or manager who wants to go from working in their business to working on their business. Built on Kurt and Paul’s combined (10+ years) of work in the eCommerce marketspace, Ecommerce Bootcamp is the perfect resource to help you go from ‘Store Owner’ to ‘CEO.’ Kai Davis, Author of The Traffic Manual Click to tweet
Chad Fullerton
Kurt & Paul’s teaching style is unique; their book reads like you’re getting a personal 1-on-1 coaching session from your new best friend. It’s personable, void of jargon, and filled with stories and personal experiences. Ecommerce Bootcamp takes you on a journey, step-by-step through the fundamental mistakes that most store owners make, and then shares insightful methods to take your online store from zero to hero using proven techniques. The best part is that it isn’t just conceptual advice; Ecommerce Bootcamp provides real-life examples and copy-and-paste templates so you can take action right away. Chad Fullerton, Freelancers Association Founder Click to tweet
Kenn Costales
Building niche eCommerce websites is such am overdone topic that I expected this to be another guide that preached about outdated topics like keyword research and Adwords testing. I’ve done enough of those to know the web has evolved enough that those activities are costly & ineffective. I was surprised to find new and fresh topics in Ecommerce Bootcamp. It teaches how to build your eCommerce website through free means like watering hole engagement and influencer outreach. This is exactly how I built my own site to 2.3k subscribers in a few months. I loved that it’s super actionable with templates that you can use today to get results, all without pushing for "black hat" techniques. Ecommerce Bootcamp even goes through the entire funnel of eCommerce sales, showing robust and sustainable ways to grow your eCommerce business. Other resources will fall prey to the variability of advertising prices and the variability of Google’s search algorithm. You can plan and execute with confidence using Ecommerce Bootcamp. Kenn Costales, Click to tweet
Mojca Mars
If you’re tired of hearing same theoretical advice over and over again, you’re going to be blown away by the amount of actionable advice Ecommerce Bootcamp has to offer. With Ecommerce Bootcamp Kurt and Paul take you behind the scenes and reveal years of secrets on how to successfully run a Shopify store. If this doesn’t take your business to the next level, I don’t know what will. Mojca Mars, author of The Facebook Ads Manual Click to tweet
Shai Schechter
I’d recommend Ecommerce Bootcamp in a heartbeat (actually, I already have — multiple times.) The book skips all the time-wasting a lot of others are guilty of (like meaningless design for design’s sake) and focuses exclusively on stuff that will actually affect the bottom line and make customers love you. Anyone who has good products to sell stands to make a lot of money from this— Kurt and Paul clearly know their shit. Shai Schechter, Founder,
Matt Inglot
I have spent over a decade studying what turns visitors into buyers and can attest that Kurt and Paul are the real deal. They not only understand how to bring visitors to your online store, but they understand the psychology behind converting them into customers. If you are serious about building a store that actually sells, or increasing the sales of your existing store, it doesn't get any clearer than this. Matt Inglot,

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